About Us

Since 1981, Tambuah Mas has enjoyed an endearing reputation for serving generations with heartwarming traditional Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine from Padang, Sulawesi and Java.

As one of the oldest Indonesian restaurant in Singapore, Tambuah Mas’ signature dishes stems from closely guarded family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Our distinctive flavors lie in the delicate blend of herbs and spices, fresh ingredients, and an extraordinary amount of precision in preparation.

Helmed by native Indonesian Chefs, we serve the most authentic dishes that have won over local and tourists who keep coming back for more.

Our Name

Our Promise

In local Padang dialect, Tambuah Mas is the term used when a diner requests for more servings.  “Tambuah” means to add more, and “Mas” refers to the server.  Incidentally, “Mas” also means gold.

Our restaurants named Tambuah Mas to represent the golden service we welcome you with when you visit.  And we add more than just delicious food; we add more smiles, more warmth, and more joy to your dining experience.